4 Best Bench Grinder Reviews: Both 6-Inch and 8-Inch

If you are talking about bench grinder reviews, a good brand ultimately matters. The best bench grinder brands have a good past performance of manufacturing sharp, durable, well-proportioned, and stylishly-designed products.

Many of them claim that they are the best, but a small number of them have trustworthy customers, awards, and durability to prove it.

As a result, the million-dollar question is which bench grinder brands are the best for your job? And which features make them better models than the other brands?

In this review, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the five best bench grinder brands.

What is the best bench grinder?

After 100 hours of in-depth research, our review team selected this WEN 4276 2.1-Amp 8-inch bench grinder model, the top-rated bench grinder in the market.

This grinder model works remarkably well and remarkably decent for a reasonable price. This model runs effortlessly, and it is not excessively loud (still, you will face a little bit of noise).

The delivered bench grinding wheels are up to scratch, but replacements aren’t unreasonably costly. You can use this model for sharpening your tools and medium-sized lawnmower blades as well. The assembling process is reasonably straightforward, and the grinding wheels are impeccably balanced.

This model seems very strong and compact for a smaller-sized bench grinder. As an additional benefit, this bench grinder also looks stunningly sharp with its orange color. Highly recommended!!

DEWALT Bench Grinder: Best 8 inch Bench Grinder Reviews

Best 8 inch Bench Grinder Reviews

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This tabletop bench grinder model is compelling and does its work ultimately—all you need to be more careful as soon as you turn off your instrument.

The bench grinder’s stones are appropriately balanced, and the grinder keeps rotating and takes more or less 60 seconds to stop after you are turning the machine off. You have to ensure you bring together it per guidelines.

You can sharpen your mower blades with this model. Some of the users worry about negative criticisms regarding the vibration issue. We test it, and the grinder works beautifully.

You will feel a soft, flat hum without vibration concerns of any kind. This model is noiseless than the usual model we used. 

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Main Features

  • Overload safety will make the most of the motor life
  • Includes tool-free changeable guard that offers fast guard fittings and alterations
  • The bench grinder is durable and long-lasting
  • The induction motor delivers more power for manufacturing grinding uses
  • The motor of the model runs at up to 3,600 rpm for high-speed removal of material.
  • Aluminum tool respites permit the operator to position work correctly

Product Specification

Features of DEWALT Bench Grinder

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Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars
Style 8-inch Bench grinder
Power Source Electric-powered
Color Yellow, Black, Gray
Material  Cast Iron
Torque 1400 Inch Pounds
Head Style Flat
Product Dimensions 17.75 x 12.63 x 10.75 inches
Item Weight 7.7 ounces
Sold By Amazon.com
Warranty One year full warranty

While you are researching, you should pick this model mainly because of its smart pricing (a bit more than 100 dollars); you will get a reliable instrument.

The model works perfectly. The setting up guideline is a bit indefinite, but the user manual’s images will help you. It will be hard for you to assemble two plastic guards and double lower parts of metals.

This setup process will take about less than 60 minutes to complete everything. Understanding that the model is reliable, functional, and affordable, it is okay with your job.

What We Like

  • This model looks firmly made.
  • Best tools for heavy industrial users,
  • The appliance runs very smoothly and quietly.
  • You can afford the price.
  • The packaging of the product is excellent and safe.
  • The delivery process is fast and on time.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Setup instructions lack clarity.
  • Sometimes the motor looks to run a bit hot.

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JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder Review

JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder Review

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The JET 577102 bench grinder is the most potent bench grinder known as a top performer and best for consistency. Compact design to fit in limited spaces, and comes with extraordinary features. Newbies also can manage this tool because of its easy handle system.

Key Features 

  • Comes with two eight-inch wheels of 36 and 60 grit option
  • A powerful 1-HP motor makes the grinder strong enough
  • Wheels come with durable cast iron construction
  • Heavy-duty secured toggle switch quickly to use
  • Surrounded pre-lubricated ball bearings
  • Comes with quickly adjustable eye shields

Product Specification

Features Of JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder
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Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars
Style 8-inch Bench grinder
Power Source Electric-powered
Voltage  115
Material  Aluminum Oxide
Wheel speed 3,450 rpm
Wheel grits  36 and 60
Product Dimensions 19 x 21 x 11 inches
Item Weight 58.5 pounds
Sold By Amazon.com
Warranty Two years

This bench grinder model comes with a powerful 1HP motor, which will run with 115 voltages at 3450rpm speed. Overall this is an immense motor for a bench grinder.

The commercial-grade 36 and 60 grit eight-inch wheels provide maximum effort to sharpen your materials. The cast iron wheels also have dust collector ports that prevent a chaotic environment and safety.

Working with bench grinders, you must need safety gear. To protect workers’ faces and mostly the eyes, you must ensure the safety gear.

This Jet model comes with large eye shields and sparks guards. Both of them are adjustable and easy to use. If you want to prevent the tool’s unwanted movement, the grinder should come with a rubber foot.

The rubber foot sticks the grinding machine to the right place and provides excellent firmness of the workpieces.  

The manufacturer provides all necessary instruments and instruction books along with two years of limited product warranty.

What we like

  • The simple and straightforward design can operate anyone
  • Daylong work efficiency without any problem
  • The adjustable spark guard and large eye shield will give overall protection
  • Comes with clear and easily understandable instruction books 
  • Customer care service is up to the mark.
  • Powerful 1 HP motor suitable for heavy-duty work
  • The wheels of the machine provide maximum effort

What we don’t like

  • No lights are included in this machine
  • The grinder is not portable
  • Motor takes a long time to speed up
  • Expensive model for most of the customers

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SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder Review

SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder Review

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SKIL is a very dependable and well-known company. They produce incredible power products at a great price. SKIL 3380-01 is an excellent product for them. At an affordable price, you can do your desired works.

Comparatively, this model of SKIIL is very cheap than other bench grinder brands. Before going through the detail, let’s see the key features of this model- 

Key Features 

  • Comes with two six-inch wheels for medium and coarse grinding
  • 2.1-HP powerful motor with very reasonable price
  • Both wheels come with LED built-in lights for work at night
  • For a stable work position, cast iron rubber base is incredible
  • The product has cSAus certification
  • The adjustable tool rest provides accurate finishing of work 
  • The manufacturer offers three years of free customer support and 30 days of the money-back guarantee 

Product Specification

SKIL Bench Grinder
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Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
Power Source Electric-powered
Voltage  120
Motor 2.1 Amp
Wheel speed 3,450 rpm
Wheel diameter  6 inches
Product Dimensions 15.4 x 10.75 x 8.5 inches
Item Weight 8.48 pounds
Sold By 1TopTools
Warranty Three years

Generally, bench grinders are high price products, but SKIL does an incredible job for economical customers. They give this 3380-01 bench grinder model at a budget-friendly price.

If you think this model is of low quality according to its cost then, you are wrong. Overall, if you go through the customer reviews on Amazon.com, you will assure that the product is pretty good in quality. 

The best feature of this bench grinder is the built-in LED lights on both wheels. Therefore, you can work even at night or in low light conditions.  SKIL provides a powerful 2.1 amp motor with a low price that can operate at 3450 RPMs speed. You can grind any materials, both medium and coarsen. 

You will be happy to know that SKIL will provide 3-years of free customer service and 30 days money-back guarantee for any defect. So, you can use the product without anxiety. 

What we like

  • The most incredible advantage is this product is noise-free
  • The LED work lights are beneficial for the low light environment working
  • Very powerful 2.1 Amp motor such a reasonable price
  • The adjustable tool rest provides work accuracy
  • Easily set on any benchtop for cast iron rubber base
  • Suitable for both coarse and medium grinding 

What we don’t like

  • Quality is not satisfactory
  • The tool rest is not working worthy
  • Poor china made product

Jet 577126 Shop Grinder Review

Best slow speed bench grinder for sharpening

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Jet 577126 Shop Grinder is another excellent product from Jet. This model of Jet comes with a grinding wheel and wire wheel. We review another product from Jet that is more expensive than the Jet 577126 model. Generally, Jet’s products are high-quality items.

They try to produce their model based on their customer’s demands. Let’s have a look at its key features-

Key Features 

  • The wheels are durable cast iron construction

For steady setup, the rubber base prevents the unwanted movement

  • The ball bearings are pre-lubricated
  • The product is UL listed product
  • The adjustable eyeshield protects workers eye from an accident
  • The manufacturer offers two years warranty 

Product Specification

Best slow speed bench grinder
Price Click Here To View On Amazon
Customer Reviews 4.8 out of 5 stars
Power Source Battery-powered
Voltage  115
Motor 0.5 Amp
Measurement System Metric
Wheel diameter  6 inches
Product Dimensions 19.68 x 12.2 x 11.69 inches
Item Weight 32 pounds
Sold By Amazon.com
Warranty Two years

If we compare this Jet model with the Jet 577102 model, then Jet 577126 is comparatively low in price. But Jet 577102 bench grinder is more quality and robust product than the Jet 577126 model. If you have a low budget for your new bench grinder, you can choose the 577126 model grinder. 

Cast iron rubber-based mounting system is very convenient for a steady workplace. The wheel bearing balls are pre-lubricated. One of the significant advantages of this model is quite an operation feature.

For safety equipment producer provides a large eye protective shield that is adjustable. The eye shield will thoroughly protect your eyes from any unwanted accident.  

You can trust this product because this product is UL listed item. So, you can commercially use this Jet grinder model without any hesitation. Overall, most of Amazon’s customers give positive reviews about this product.

More or less, every product has some cons. But it would be best if you handled them by using the model in a proper guideline.  

This model runs so quietly and accurately. Also, you can connect the ported channels to carriage waste without any problems. Overall, this Jet grinder is a great unit! 

What we like

  • Assembling of the product is easy and trouble-free
  • The adjustable large eye shield will give full eye and face protection
  • Comes with instruction books with enough information
  • Manufacturers offer two years warranty for the product
  • Trustable product because it is UL listed product 
  • Able to work with large volume materials
  • More quite model than the JET 577102 model

What we don’t like

  • Heavy products compare to other products 
  • The motor is less powerful than others
  • Expensive but does not provide that quality service
  • Most of the customers complain about insufficient packaging.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


What is the main reason for using bench grinders?

These grinders are a benchtop form of grinder used to initiative rough wheels to perform so many jobs. The wheels appear in two different sizes. You can sharpen your gears, which turn into dull, also fix broken pieces with these grinders.

What size is the best choice for a bench grinder?

Most of the 6-inch bench grinder models are steady and durable. Also, the 8-inch grinders are similar as well. If you are looking for a compact bench grinder model with a little tight external coverage, a decent 6-inch grinder might do well.

A 6-inch model is sufficiently large to use on minor works and sharpen minor gears like the wood chisels. On the other hand, if you’re an expert and doing the extra complicated job, you can buy the 8-inch grinder model.

Can I grind on the sideways of a bench grinding wheel?

Do not stand facing or correspondingly with a wheel on every occasion your grinding instrument is in progress. Never grind on the wheel side. Keep in mind not to jam the job into the grinding wheel. Always try to understand that if grind material is designed for the wheel or not.

Should I put on speed control on my bench grinder?

Most of the bench grinder models are decent tools. Nowadays, modern and costly models come with adjustable speed settings.

But then again, maybe like us, you might have an older bench grinder and would love to lower your grinding speed to hone the tool collection’s cutting edge more specifically.

Best Bench Grinder: A Complete Buying Guide


This bench grinder buying guide will provide all the necessary information you should know about these 8-inch and 6-inch grinder models.

In this review, you can understand what bench grinder does, what types of size they should have, what notable brands to look through, and how to buy bench grinders for specific necessities, and above.

Okay, once we are conscious about both the main categories of bench grinders, this is the perfect time to share a few guidelines to get an ideal bench grinder for your job.

Let’s start!

Wheel Types and materials: First Thing to Look

Picking a top-quality bench grinder is a positive aspect but pairing it with your particular requirements is crucial. Selecting the correct model will make your job stress-free and comfortable from the different types of wheels offered in bench grinders.

It would be best if you looked for a few things in bench grinding wheels. First of all, the wheel materials are very crucial things. Such as, most of the popular bench grinder brands use grinds steel to aluminum oxide wheels.

At one go, silicon carbide abrasive is the most acceptable option if you are using cast iron. 

Size Matters: Next Thing to Consider

6-inch and 8-inch are the two necessary sizes of bench grinder models available in the market. But every consumer has a different requirement, and you should buy your product according to your necessities.

For home use and easy sharpening and honing, you would purchase a 6-inch model, but then 8-inch models are worth going if you have a garage.

The operational mechanism of both these sizes is very much the same, simply the size varies.

Speed is Key: Most Important Feature

There are many constant and adjustable speed grinder models available in the fit for different sharpening jobs.

For simple and home operators, constant speed bench grinder models are ideal, as their requirements are limited and straightforward.

Simultaneously, a yard or a factory has entirely different necessities as they want bench grinders for several jobs.

In most cases, a bench grinder that is nearly 3.4k-3.5k RPM is decent for regular bench grinding jobs. Many models also provide adjustable speeds with more or less 2k RPM; these bench grinders are appropriate for gracing metal.

Warranty Issue: Last but not least!

Most of the popular bench grinder brands we’ve pointed out above go together with a decent warranty facility. With the purpose of safety measures you’re buying, it’s crucial to check your desired model’s warranty issue.

Most of the best 8-inch bench grinders will cover the manufacturer’s warranty for the engine and other grinding parts.

Keep that in mind; you need to purchase from the bench grinder manufacturers who offer their products for at least one year of warranty. If the company is proposing a warranty for more than one year, that will benefit.

Final words

You can buy any of the models we discuss in this article. This decision will undoubtedly rely on your requirements as we’ve specified to you all sorts of varieties.

In our best bench grinder review list above, you’ll notice not only best-rated, top-quality models but also variable speed bench grinder models that are fit for different types of sharping jobs.

Our recommendations are good worth of money for our visitors. These models are produced with first-class fabric from the external wheel part that confirms upgrading performance.

We offer you references for the experts to novice users. So, make the best choice from the listing and gear up with the perfect tools for honing, sharpening, improving, and all these jobs.

Don’t forget to put your point if you have any questions regarding any bench grinder.