How to Sharpen Meat Grinder Blades – Complete Guide

If you want to know how to sharpen meat grinder blades, there are a couple of easy ways to sharpen the meat grinder blade.  

At present, a meat grinder is available in everyone’s kitchen. It is the most necessary tool for chopping vegetables, meats, and other foods. But the edge of the machine can damage for a long time uses.

The grinder blades can refuse to cut the meats or vegetables properly. In that case, you may think about changing your grinder and want to buy another model. But, the best idea is to sharpen your grinder blades. 

So you have to sharpen the grinding blades to avoid difficulties when you cut the meat and other grinding kinds of stuff. A dull blade cannot grind the meat up to the mark. But there is no reason to worry about it.

Although it will take time to prepare everything you need, the sharping process is simple. Follow our brief description of how to sharpen a meat grinder.

How to Keep Meat Grinder from Clogging

Your meat grinder can clog when you grind the meat, and that is a common problem you may face sometimes with your grinding machine. But you can solve this problem quickly if you know what to do in the approved manner. 

You should check your meat grinding machine before you start cutting anything with your tool. Some users don’t know their device is capable of grinder everything or not.

All the grinder brands do not consist of similar functionality. Grinding the fat and bone parts is the leading cause of clogging your meat grinder. 

How to Keep Meat Grinder from Clogging

We want to share with you some different things so that you can prevent clogging. Let’s have a look: 

Step 1: If you want to escape from clogging your meat grinder, your first step should be to trim excess fat and tendon from the meat before you grind them. Some expensive electric grinders may not be an issue with fat or tendon.

But if you use a manual meat grinder or entry-level meat grinder that machine has plastic parts, you must follow this step. 

Step 2: Meat bones are another reason to clog your grinder. You need to do the same thing for the bone. Though some of us love to eat chicken bone, and we grind the bone with the chicken.

Some people do this for their pets. But, hark back to it if your grinder cannot crush the bone and remove them from the meat before running.   

Step 3: Keep your grinder blade sharp. This step is crucial because, in this part, you start grinding and cutting the meat. You should also maintain your grinder cutting plates.

Everyday use can make your blade and plates dull; in that case, the best way you should do that detach and sharpen them. 

Step 4:  If you want to keep your blade shape, you have to clean it properly. Rust can dull your grinder blade. When you wash the edge, you should dry them thoroughly. Don’t collect the blade unless they dry because it can cause oxidization if you are not using stainless steel grinding machine

Step 5: Cleaning the meat grinder is most important to save your grinding machine from clogging and the prolonged existence of the model. The increase of fat and sinew is the leading cause of clogging.

Clean your grinder machine after every use. You can usually use lukewarm water with mild soap to clean the grinder. Mix a bit of baking soda with water, which will help you remove the oil from your tools. Let sit down them to dry after wash. 

Step 6: Before grinding your meat, cut them into little pieces and freeze them. This process also helps you to reduce the grinder from clogging. 

2 Best And Easy Steps To Sharpen A Meat Grinder Blades:


You will find a lot of conventional methods to sharpen a meat grinder’s blades. All these processes depend on what type of machine you have and which model you will feel comfortable to sharpen the blades. 

How to sharpen meat grinder blades using a sharpening stone

You can easily sharpen your meat grinder blades with the sharpening stone. It would be better if you use diamond stones for this purpose. This stone is usually very durable, oil and water-resistant. It helps to remove the hassle.  

  • You have to choose a good gritstone. You can select a coarse stone if necessary. 600 gritstone will be better for getting a mirror polish on your blades. 
  • Keep your stone in a stable place and hold the blade. Start rubbing the edges in a forth and back motion. Continue rubbing all around the blades. You can do this process ten times or more until you are satisfied. 

What you need

You require some necessary tools to complete the sharpening of the meat grinder’s blades. 

  • Screwdriver
  • A Pair of Hand Gloves
  • Sandpaper (120 grit)
  • Clean and soft cloths
  • Clean Water
  • Sheet of glass

How to sharpen meat grinder blades with sandpaper 

meat grinder blades

Choose a place for sharpening 

First of all, select the required area. The area needs to be open and safe. It should be a trouble-free and flat place. Now you can put the mirror down on the floor.

Detach the machine parts 

In your second step, you have to detach the grinder machine. This process is straightforward. Get some idea from your instruction guide on how you can disassemble the machine. 

Unfortunately, some users avoid safety and security when they disassemble their meat grinder. They don’t wear gloves. Sometimes they lose the grinder screws. You have to keep the screws altogether and in a safe place. 

It would be best if you were concerned about wearing gloves because the element is sharp and may cause accidental injury. So wearing gloves remain your hand safe.

Clean the blades

It would help if you cleaned the blade’s parts before you sharpen them. Often there can be an excess of meat, fats, or even oils that remain with your sharp edge. It would be best if you used a clean cloth to wipe the extra wastes to your components. 

Sharpen meat grinder blades

Place a mirror

You need to place a mirror on a flat surface; otherwise, the mirror can break. Or you will feel uncomfortable while sharpening the blades.

Now, use the sandpaper (120 areas of sand) in the mirror. If necessary, you can cut the paper lengths. Because it does not match the mirror, it might be tough to use sandpaper with the mirrors.

Check your grinder blades

Before sharpening, you need to check the blade’s sharpness. You have to decide how much you need to sharpen your blades. You can use scrap paper to fit the edge. In this way, you will get an idea about how much you need to sharpen the blades.  

Let’s start at sharpening  

Now you are fully prepared for sharpening your grinder blade. Hold the edge of the machine to a 45-degree angle. Then, rub the blade with sandpaper by the book.

You can check the sharpness which is coming in close contact with the regular sandpaper. If you need it, you can turn around the edges to get a proper sharpening process. 

Continue your process unless it became a glazy shade on edge. You can also check with scrap paper. You can stop the sharpening task when you are satisfied.  

Clean the area of the blade

Once you finish your job, clean the blades properly. There can be attached to unwanted elements or water. You can wipe the surface with clean water. Don’t forget to take safety protection while wiping the blade. 

Dry and reassemble

Let’s dry your grinder parts and reassemble them. Remember one thing you have to be sure that your tools are completely dry before you reattach them. Don’t forget to wear gloves for your safety.  

Final words 

Sharpening the meat grinder’s blades and plates is very simple. Once you sharpen these parts, it will give you an excellent result of grinding the meat.

We hope you understood our steady points on how to sharpen the meat grinder blades. You can apply these processes as long as you need them.

If you can do follow these steps, you do not need to go outside. You could share the article with your family and friends if it fulfilled your requirements. If you have any questions regarding this article, please let us know via the comment section. We will reply to you.