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Summer is around the corner and it’s the perfect time to have a BBQ party in the backyard. Best meat grinder reviews are here to make your party easier! It’s hard to say no to that juicy beef patty or those mouth-watering kebabs. So we are here with meat grinder reviews. However, if the meat is not ground properly then it’ll rescue the taste of the dish and make it chunky. Meat grinders come in both manual and electric variants. Both kinds come with some merits and demerits.

With so many different models in the market, it’s easy to feel lost and confused around them. Finding your best match can be quite a daunting task. We’re here to your rescue, to provide you meat grinder reviews and to help find the best meat grinder in the market.

We’ve created this article after thorough research on the best models available in the market so that you can grind the meat easily without any hassle. We have picked the best seven meat grinders that will make meat grinding easy as a breeze. Let’s take a look at our top Picks. Let’s take a look at our blog about meat grinder reviews.

Our Top Picks For Best Meat Grinder Reviews

Best Meat Grinder
  1. STX Turboforce Meat Grinder
  2. BBday Electric Meat Grinder
  3. Lem Meat Grinder Attachments
  4. Sunmile Meat Grinder
  5. Premier Compact Table Top Wet Grinder
  6. Ninja bl770 Blender & Food Processor Mega Kitchen System
  7. Gourmia gmg525 Meat Grinder

STX Turboforce II

The first model on our meat grinder reviews is STX International Turboforce II. This is the best meat grinder. It’s an electric grinder that can grind any type of meat to perfection. Along with appealing stainless steel design, it has a remarkable performance which enables it to grind at high speed. This machine can effectively grind up to 225 pounds of meat within an hour.

To start with, this popular machine features 2000 watts of peak output power with 3 speeds- high, low and reverse. The reverse function is very efficient when it comes to unclogging the grinder. It can go through soft bones, ligaments, and tendons without any difficulty.

The machine comes with lots of accessories which you will not find on other models. There are 3 different sizes of sausage stuffing tubes and with the beaner plate, sausage-making has never been so easy. If your hands get too much-tired stuffing sausages, you can depend on the foot pedal to control the machine.

When it comes to durability, the STX Turboforce II is one of a kind. With the price tag of this machine, it would be a waste of money if it stops working within a few months. However, this is when their patented quad air cooling design comes in to prevent the motor from overheating and ensures a dependable service for many years to come. 

One demerit about the product is its parts should never be cleaned using the dishwasher as it can develop stain or mark. So, you need to wash it using warm water and mild detergent. After that, the parts need to be dried and oiled to escape rusting.

This product comes backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee and also a 3-year warranty that includes free labor and parts.


  • 3-speed settings
  • Foot pedal to control the machine
  • Patented quad air cooling design
  • Low noise


  • Machine isn’t dishwasher safe

BBday Electric Meat Grinder

The next in line on our meat grinder reviews is the BBday Electric Meat Grinder. It’s made out of a glossy stainless steel body that adds to the superior build-quality and gives it a sleek look as well. The stainless steel body also helps the machine to keep away from rusting.

This commercial meat and bone grinder grind a large amount of meat on a daily basis. It has a dimension of 13”x9”x2-3/8” that makes it pretty big and enables it to work on a large quantity of meat at a time.

Meat grinder reviews have a piece of advice for you, if you want to get better results then you should chop the meat into small pieces especially the cold ones. This will help the meat to not get stuck and will save you time as well. It also comes with extra beneficiary parts like stainless steel knife, stuffing plates, and stuffing tubes along with a solid meat stomper.

The motor has been designed with 3 speeds to meet the application of your choice- forward grind, sausage stuff, and reverse mode. Furthermore, there are cutting knife, removable feeding tray, and neck for longer service life.

Overall, it’s a good quality meat grinder for those who want to grind meat at home from time to time. It doesn’t have a large number of accessories but a quality product with decent features and will be a perfect choice for basic chores at home.


  • Circuit breaker
  • Heavy duty and efficient
  • Noiseless operations
  • Waterproof switch


  • Few accessories

LEM Products Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder

Up next in the meat grinder reviews list is LEM’s Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder. This meat grinder isn’t meant for grinding a huge bunch of meat as it’s quite lightweight and compact-sized. However, it’s suitable enough to grind a small portion of meat quickly.

The dimension of the grinder is 18.5 x 9.1 x 15.6 inches and comes with a stainless-steel meat pan. The weight of the machine is 28.7 pounds which makes it very lightweight and easy to carry wherever you want.

It comes with a brushed steel finish and horsepower of .50 that can perfectly be used to grind meat. A quiet motor feature is included to reduce boring sounds compare to other large meat grinders out there. It can grind up to 7 lbs. meat per minute.

With the LEM Stainless Steel Meat Grinder, you’ll be able to grind all types of meats like beef, chicken, or mutton. But meat grinder reviews recommend that if you want you can grind light vegetables and fruits as well. To help you with the grinding process, there’s an instruction manual supplied with it.

If you want to grind meat to prepare pet food and also for people who love to have more space in the kitchen, this LEM big bite electric meat grinder is a perfect choice. With this price, this meat grinder is a good deal. It’s one of the lightest LEM meat grinder products out there in the market.

The product comes backed up by 5 years warranty with lifetime customer support from the manufacturer.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Doesn’t take much space
  • Low noise operations
  • Extended auger to store more meat


  •     May clog if you’re grinding a large portion of meat at a time

Sunmile SM-G50 Heavy-Duty Electric Meat Grinder 

Sunmile SM-G50 is a powerful meat grinder which is a perfect choice for basic use. It has the power to handle all types of meats. Meat grinder reviews found that not only it can grind meats, but with this machine, you can also grind nuts too. The machine can grind up to 185 pounds per hour.

The whole body is made of stainless steel while the grinder head and the big capacity tray are made of polished cast aluminum. The dimension of the product is 13.6 x 6.2 x 13.6 inches which makes it pretty compact and you’ll face no problem to find room for this.

The machine has 1.6 horsepower, 600 watts, and maximum power up to 1000 watts which will help it to grind meat effectively. With this much power, it can grind nearly 200 pounds of meat in less than an hour. Also, there is a circuit breaker included in this machine which will help it to prevent overheating or burning up. 

This electric meat grinder comes with a reverse option that will help you to restart the meat grinding even if you’re in the middle of grinding meat. Also, it has one cutting blade along with three grinding plates and all of its parts are made with high-quality stainless steel material which makes it strong and durable.

All the parts are ETL certified which means it’s safe to use in grinding.


  •  Easy to disassemble
  •  Strong and durable
  • Sausage attachment
  • Stainless steel blade and cutting plates


  • Not dishwasher safe

Premier Compact Table Top Wet Grinder

The next product on our meat grinder reviews is the best meat grinder and that is The Premier Compact Table Top Wet Grinder has a unique design and it is an ideal choice for a modern-day kitchen. It has a compact size of 20 x 13 x 13 inches with a weight of only 33 pounds that helps to store the grinder easily around the kitchen.

The grinder is made of high-quality food-grade material, while the drum that is attached to the device is made of stainless steel. It also includes Atta Kneader that can be used for preparing dough dishes. Kneader might not process the dough on a professional level, but still an extra device to use in the home.

One of the best features of this grinder that noticed meat grinder reviews is the advanced technology of double reduction gear drive which will serve you for many more years to come and doesn’t reduce the performance of the machine. It has a high powered motor of 200 watts despite being lightweight and compact.

Another feature is the high-quality roller stones that press and compress the food evenly, helping the ingredients to remove their substance simply. With this device, you can easily grind rice, pulses, and beans to make dosa, idli, vada, urad, dhokla, and many more delicious dishes!

The only demerit of this product is the cleaning part. Also, the warranty policy is pretty much unclear. Overall, the Premier compact table top wet grinder is undoubtedly a great purchase if you’re considering an effective grinder at a budget-friendly price.


  • High quality grinding stones
  • Comes in two colors, reddish and white
  • Decent 2L capacity
  • Double reduction gear drive
  • Parts are made of food-grade plastic


  • Difficult to clean

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 Blender/Food Processor

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 Blender/Food Processor is one of the best-selling meat grinders in the market at present. It’s considered one of the best Ninja food processors out there. With its advanced technology, you can perfectly use it in your home and kitchen.

This grinder comes with a 72.Oz pitcher with tower blades that can easily make good smoothies from soft fruits and vegetables. However, it can’t perfectly process fibrous and hard ingredients like mango, broccoli, etc. You can’t even use it to produce juice, soup, etc. It can work with 3 speeds and also incorporates a pulse function.

This machine has a proneness to pile up ingredients on the wall. Therefore, you might have to stop the blender and sweep the ingredients from the sides if you want to create a better vortex. The control panel of this machine includes 6 buttons.

The usage procedure of this machine is a bit complicated if you’re not familiar with grinders or blenders. You have to follow multiple steps for its assembling-dissembling process. Therefore, it’s not suitable for you if you want this process to be simple. However, you can easily attach the single-serve blender.

While using the removable blades, you must handle them carefully since they’re extremely sharp. These blades are also very bulky. As a result, you can’t fill the containers as the blades occupy a lot of space.

This machine is difficult and dangerous to clean if you have no dishwasher or want to clean it with your hands. Fatal accidents may happen if you’re not careful enough. Meat grinder reviews suggest you to use a small brush to clean the main pitcher blade shaft properly. However, the cleaning process of this machine becomes a lot easier if you use a dishwasher.


  • High-grade quality
  • Easily handles ice
  • BPA free
  • The motor operates at a power of 1500W


  • Doesn’t last long
  • Expensive

Gourmia GMG525 Meat Grinder

The Gourmia GMG525 Meat Grinder is one of the best electric meat grinders that can prepare any type of meat you want. so our blog meat grinder reviews decided to talk about this meat grinder. It can offer you more than meat grinding. With this machine, you can quickly grind your meat.

It features 3 grinding plates that are made of stainless steel. They’re intended for customized meat cutting when you’re preparing different foods. In one word, you’ll be able to impress your family with various delicious foods made from meat by using this machine. It also has some extra features like a kebab attachment, sausage horn, food pusher, etc.

It comes with a motor that has a power of 500W which helps this machine comfortably grind meats that are very difficult to grind. It also comes with meat gears and stainless steel blades that make the grinding process very easy to complete.

The Gourmia GMG525 Meat Grinder comes with quite an affordable price tag. It has a 3-way switch for all kinds of operation that makes it pretty simple to operate. They allow for on, off and reverse functions.  What you have to do is feed your meat into the system and press a button for the grinding process to begin.

This machine is also very easy to clean because you only have to detach the parts for simple cleaning without any trouble. Even if you face any kind of difficulty, you can follow the manual guide it provides you when you’re assembling and cleaning it.


  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Comes with various attachments for sausages and kebabs
  • Easy to use with a 3-way switch
  • Built from tough materials
  • Includes a recipe book


  • Metal finish scratches off easily
  • Attachments for sausages and kebabs are not durable enough

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider Before the Purchase


High powered meat grinders come with a power of 1200-1400 watts. These grinders are on the expensive side as they can grind a whopping 2kg of meat per minute. However, if you’re getting the grinder for home-use then you may opt for a grinder with less power.

The medium powered grinders have a range of 800-1000 watt and they’re a perfect choice if you’re planning to have a barbeque once in while or cook a quick meal in the house. They can grind about 1kg of sausage which is quite impressive considering their price.


Durability is an important source for all kinds of kitchen appliances. Make sure the model you opt for lasts you a long time and enables you to make the best use out of it. Manual grinders generally have a plastic body that is not much durable. However, if you use the machine cautiously and take proper maintenance then it’ll serve you for quite a long time.

On the other hand, electric meat grinders are usually made with aluminum and they come with phenomenal durability. The metal frame will last you for a long time and let you use the machine with ease. Meat grinder reviews noticed that many commercial-grade meat grinders are made with cast aluminum that will last you a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.


The budget is an important aspect for all sorts of purchases. Electrical grinder cost more compared to the manual ones. In this article, we have listed the best meat grinders in the market with different price tags so that everyone can get the best on within their budget limit.


Meat grinders come in various sizes. Before you decide on your final purchase, decide on the amount you want to grind. There’s no point getting an excessively large or small meat grinder as that will create a hassle instead of convenience.

The size of the grinder varies with the size of the plates. Also, smaller grinders have a smaller feeding chute and they’re more compatible with home use. If you want to get a grinder for professional use then do get the one with large feeding chute so that you can grind a lot of meat in a short period of time.


It’s important to keep the blades keep and sharp as they help to grind the meat properly. When you’re using the meat grinder, you need to handle the blade with care to ensure safety to yourself and the grinder.

Avoid rubbing the cutting edges and the grinding plate together as that will make the blade dull with time. Clean the blades thoroughly after grinding them and dry them up before storing them.

Intended Use

One of the most important factors that you should consider before buying the grinder is its intended use. Once you have decided on the budget, it’s time to figure out your intended use for it. If you’re planning to buy the grinder for home use or to use it once in a while then getting a huge expensive grinder will not be a wise choice.

If you’re planning to get the grinder for professional use then get a grinder that is able to withstand some heavy beating and able to grind a sufficient amount of meat regularly. We have carefully picked the meat grinders that can cater to everyone’s needs.

Available Space

You should ensure the amount of free space you have in the kitchen is sufficient to hold the grinder. If you have less space on the kitchen counter then a large meat grinder will be an utter nuisance as it’ll be hard to use the machine on tight space. However, if you have an abundance of space in the kitchen then you may opt for the larger variants as you’ll be able to use it there without any hassle.

When the grinder will not be in use, store it safely in the kitchen cabinet or the pantry. Manual meat grinders are significantly smaller in size compared to the electric ones. If you have tight spacing issues in the kitchen then make sure you get a model that is suitable for the available kitchen space.

Before I move on let's take a look at an easy recipes blog! I am quite sure you will going to love the blog!

The Basic Features of Modern Meat Grinders

The popularity of the meat grinders is getting more with time. Manufacturers are coming up with new and innovative features to make the machines more convenient and easy to use. Modern meat grinders contain many superior features that are not available on the old school manual meat grinders. Our blog meat grinder reviews designed to help you to choose the best one on these various features and designs.

Reverse Function

Most of the advanced meat grinders contain the reverse function. The reverse function provides a screw rotation in the opposite direction of the grinder. Meats consist of a connective tissue that consists of tendons and pleura. If the grinder is not powerful enough then it’ll be unable to grind all the parts. It will make the tendons wired up near the knife shaft and reduce the quality of the ground meat due to less power.

On the other hand, auger rotation pushes the meat back in the opposite direction. This process helps to reduce the hassle during the cleaning procedure as it reduces the need to disassemble the grinder. This feature is super convenient for the models with less power.


The knife is in constant use during the grinding process and sometimes the knives tend to get dull after using for quite some time. Some meat grinders come with a self-sharpening knife where the knife is exposed to the laser during the making process.

This process helps to generate a non-uniform metal hardness on cutting edge. Also, a micro tooth is formed during the mechanical load that provides better cutting efficiency.

Motor Protection

The modern meat grinders come with motor protection that saves the machine from overheating and overloading. These features are very important as they help to increase the longevity of the machine. Also, make sure the grinder comes with rubberized feet as that will help to reduce vibration while grinding the meat and help you have better control over the machine.

Additional Compartment or Attachments

Meat grinders nowadays come with multiple different nozzles for different usage purposes. Many manufacturers add additional attachments to the package. However, you can also buy them separately if needed. Some meat grinders come with extra storage facilities such as extra space for storing the cord if the grinder is not used frequently.

If you’re a pasta lover like me then make sure the grinder comes with pasta attachments so that you can make pasta, spaghetti, or noodles at home. With the right grinder in hand, your pasta cravings will be met easily even at the odd hours.

How to Assemble the Meat Grinder?

Meat grinders are indeed a lifesaver and a super convenient machine. You need to set up the machine properly to ensure maximum potential from it. If the machine is not assembled properly then it may cause accidents or damage the internal parts of the machine. Setting up the machine is quite simple and requires only a few easy steps.

Step 1

The first step involves washing the machine thoroughly to ensure maximum hygiene level. This will keep the machine germ free and let you enjoy tasty and healthy ground meat. After washing the attachments, let it air dry or dry it up with a clean towel.

Make sure that you don’t put water on the motorized part. It the motor is greased up then take a damp towel as rub around it gently to clean the outer surface around the motor.

Step 2

Now put all the attachments in the freezer and let them cool down. Cool the attachments for about and an hour. This will enhance the workability of the grinder and help to produce better results.

Step 3

Now assemble all the detached parts one by one. Make sure that the meat grinder is not connected to any power source as that will lead to fatal accidents. Also, ensure that there are no traces of water on the grinder.

Step 4

Place the t-link in its place and tighten it up properly to keep it secured in its place. Now, attach the screw and push it as far down as it goes.

Step 5

Attach the blade with the screw and tighten it up properly. Always ensure that the flatter part of the blade is faced outside otherwise the meat will not grind properly.

Step 6

Attach any other detachable parts that come with the package and give the grinder a trial run with a small amount of meat. If the meat is ground properly then grind the rest of the meat.

Watch A Video To Assemble Your Meat Grinder Easily!

Tips for Storing the Meat Grinder

Storing the meat grinder properly is just as important as cleaning it. Once the meat grinder is dried up completely, take a bit of food-grade oil and coat all the parts with light oil. This will help to keep away rust.

Put the removable parts in separate bags after coating them with oil. If possible then put some rice in the bags which will help to absorb the excess moisture. However, this step is not necessary. Do it only if the metal isn’t stainless and if you that the accessories are not dried up properly.

The freezer is an ideal place to store the meat grinder. If you don’t have enough space in the freezer then keep the small accessories and the blade in the freezer as that will help it to provide phenomenal performance. However, don’t keep the motor inside the freezer. Store the motor in a cool and dry place to keep it up and running.


Can I grind bones with a meat grinder?

Ans: Meat grinders are not suitable for grinding bones as the motor is not strong enough for it. Most manufacturers state that the warranty will no longer be valid if you use the grinder to grind meat.

Do the grinders come with a warranty?

Ans: All the meat grinders that we reviewed in this article come with excellent quality as well as a warranty to back up the service.

How much power on a meat grinder is suitable for home use?

Ans: For home use, having a meat grinder with the power of 800-1000 watt will suffice. These machines will be able to grind a sufficient amount of meat in a little time frame.

Final Words

Finding the right meat grinder that will do the job adeptly is indeed hard. With so many different varieties in the market, it’s okay to feel lost in the pool of meat grinders. Making the right choice may seem like an impossible task but we have designed this blog meat grinder reviews as a guide so that you can find yourself the best meat grinder in the market with little to no hassle.

We have gathered the meat grinders with a different price range so that everyone can find themselves the best one within their budget range. Before you make your ultimate decision, make sure that you consider the important factors that we mentioned in the buying guide to make the best out of your investment.

So don’t hesitate anymore. Get yourself the best meat grinder in the market and get ready to make the barbeque sessions a total hit this time.

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