How to Use a Meat Grinder – Complete Guide

A meat grinder is an essential kitchen machine, especially for those who love to enjoy homemade snacks. In that case, firstly you have to know how to use a meat grinder. There are lots of food lovers who like to use this equipment to make their work easier. 

You can use it in your kitchen. Also, you can use this kitchen appliance in groceries, butcheries, and restaurants. If you are a restaurant owner, you might find that equipment very useful. The best thing about meat grinders is they are a very efficient and quick way to grind the meat

If you have newly bought a meat grinder for your kitchen and you cannot figure out the ideal way how to use it quickly, don’t worry.

Though most users don’t take that seriously, and for this reason, they cannot grind the meat correctly. It is very easy to use, and with some best manageable steps, it can make you understand how to use a meat grinder.

How to use a manual meat grinder?

You will find two options in the market for a meat grinder; one is a manual function, and another is an electric function. For a manual meat grinder, you need to use the handle by moving it with your figures to grind the meat wholly.

This device is convenient and easy to use. Let’s follow the process; we hope it will help you. 

Step 1: Set up the grinder into a stable place in your kitchen using a built-in clamp. It would be best if you placed it the way so that it will not vibrate.

Step 2: Before you cut the meat into pieces, trim out the excess fat, tendon, and cartilage that are thin to fit the opening of the meat grinder. Extra tendons or fat can clog the manual grinder. 

Step 3: Freeze the prepared meat until they are cold. It will give you the proper shape of your heart in a grinder. It would be better if you always keep heating your food processor because it will help you to thaw out the extra fat. 

Step 4: You need to take a large clean bowl in a freezer then place the bowl under the departure end of your grinder to collect the ground meat. The meat must be cold on every side. It might be the limited opportunity of bacteria. 

How To Use A Manual Meat Grinder

Step 5: Next, turn your hand-crank on and start to move the grinder handle in slow motion. You have to lower the meat into the grinder. Move the blades to pull the meat through your grinder. You have to be careful that you cannot push the meat down into the center using your figures.

Step 6: After that, the meat will go through your machine, then run the slice of the clammy bread through the grinder to reduce the last few bits. Collect the bread pieces from the meat bowl and discard all the meat. 

Step 7: Once you have completed your grinding process, it is required to disassemble the meat grinder and clean them well for your next uses. 


  • The manual meat grinder is very economical and affordable.
  • It is very consistent with grounding any meat. 
  • The manual grinder machine is easy to maintain and clean
  • It doesn’t require electricity. 


  • You can grind the meat a small amount at one time.
  • It works very slowly. 


Can I grind chicken meat in a grinder? 

Can I grind chicken meat in a grinder

If you want to own your food processor, you need a crank-driven sharp chef’s knife or even a food grinder. You can grind vegetables, meat, and so on in a grinder machine.

To grind the chicken meat into this machine, you have to take boneless and skinless breast pieces for the leanest blend. 

Take the skinless chicken pieces as much as you need, then boneless them and rinse with clean water. 

As I said before you that you have to freeze your meat first. Keep your chicken in the freezer for one or two days. 

Your next step will be, get them from freezing and dropped into the grinder. Switch on the machine and start grinding. It will help you to grind the chicken meat in exact size. 

The meat grinder is relatively easy to use. It won’t take much time to learn how to use a meat grinder. Step by step guide for using a meat grinder: 

Slice the meat into pieces


Decide how much meat you need for grinding. Then, cut the meat into small pieces. You need to slice the meat into 2 inches long. It will help you to thrust the meat into the grinder quickly. 

Place the meat into freeze 

Once you slice your meat into pieces, then place the all meat on a baking sheet and simply cover it with a plastic wrapper. After that, keep them into a deep freeze for half an hour.

This way, the meat will be cold and hard. Because for grinding the meat, it has to be cold.

Put the grinder ingredient in a freezer

Put your grinder bowl and another cutting ingredient into a freezer for keeping everything cold. It will help in making the all process so more comfortable, especially for those people who prepare to grind lots of meat. 

Assemble the grinder machine 

Now, it’s time to set up your machine together in a convenient place. Make sure that it keeps stable and will not vibrate because
it can be bothering you when you will be working with it.

You can place the grinder on ice to reduce the minimum growth of bacteria when you want to grind a large amount of meat.  

Plugin the meat grinder

Meat Grinder Uses

Finally, when you have finished all the preparation, switch on the machine. Your manufacturer may give you an instruction guide to maintain the speed setting.

You should check out how much speed you need for grinding your meat. 

Next, start grinding

Drop the meat together into the grinder hopper and push them into it. You can use the pusher to do that. Then, start grinding your meat as you like. 

Some useful tips for you

  • Always try to keep clean your hand, your workplace, and other parts of the grinder. 
  • Remove the excess fat and tendons when you slice your meat; otherwise, it can clog the machine. 
  • Make the meat and grinder parts cold before grinding but not frozen. 
  • If your grinder will clog for tendons, switch off the machine and clean it with a knife, and then again start it. 

Final Words

For every meat grinder user, how to use a meat grinder is an essential question. If you follow these tips we discuss above, then it will not be hard to use any meat grinder model.

On top of that, make sure you hold all the safety measures regarding your grinding process. Keep in mind that you must clean the machine after every use. Don’t forget to store the meat grinder in safe storage.