How Much Is an Old Meat Grinder Worth: Price and Benefits

Are you thinking of purchasing an antique meat grinder? When we are thinking about purchasing anything and discussing the worth and usage of an antique meat grinder, the typical question that comes to mind is How Much Is an Old Meat Grinder Worth.

However, it seems to be a normal question, but it is also quite a demanding one. For several reasons and functions, most people choose ancient or vintage meat grinders due to their great longevity and efficiency.

While modern electrical grinders decrease the time and effort necessary to grind vegetables, fish, meat, or make the sausages to a relatively short time needed with a manual grinder, old versions are far from obsolete. So, let’s get this out more of the way right away.

How Much Is an Old Meat Grinder Worth?

The price of the old meat grinder may vary depending on the manufacturer. The common and conventional grinding machine is quite inexpensive, costing less than $12. However, if you were to get it from the manufacturer, Winchester Repeating Arms Co., it would cost around $60. I’m not concerned about just getting the actual amount because others may be lower or higher.

You may also visit numerous free, trustworthy websites where you can bargain a lower deal from as little as one dollar when you pick a quality meat grinder. These offer a variety of tempting and pleasant qualities that would help you to regain any foodstuff crank.

Why Should You Buy Old Meat Grinders?

Why Should You Buy Old Meat Grinders

Meat grinders are worthwhile investments for individuals who are concerned about what they put into their bodies; this allows them to regulate what gets into their ground beef and attain better healthy lifestyles.

Old grinders seem to be nearly unbreakable grinding devices that were handcrafted for purpose rather than appearances. Despite being known as “meat” grinders, they are often used for other items such as almonds, onions, as well as other veggies, based mostly on the shape of their slicing blade.

Older grinders were built of cast steel, cast iron, and even aluminum, and had precise interior components that have been roiled by the food that has been poured into its tube. Bearings were included in the structures of several versions.

Although they were constructed to endure, without adequate care, older models might rust if not fully dried. That was unusual to add a small drop of mineral oil on rotating parts while the device was kept to prevent this danger.

Investing in a meat grinder is worthwhile. It is less expensive and more affordable in the long run, provides fresh ground meat anytime you want to have it. It also lets you select the type and thickness of meat you process. If you purchase store-bought beef, it also removes the possibility of contamination.

When Should you Buy an Old and Manual Grinder?

When Should you Buy an Old and Manual Grinder

Antique meat grinders have become inexpensive purchases, either for antique displays or to restore this dependable food preparation equipment to full operational capability for the rest of the long durability.

Some exclusive models or edition is almost 40 to 50 years old, but it is still in good shape and prepared to serve for so many more years.

Whenever there is a big volume of meat to prepare, including certain animal meat, the old grinder is the best option.  However, such antique grinding machines are fantastic for creating a second processing work area, grinding a bunch of fish fillets for fish cakes, or using for different food grinding activities just at the campground where power is unavailable.

A manual model’s cheap cost expenditure may indeed match your budget nicely and offer you many years with good food grinding and processing performance.

Tips for Purchasing an Antique Grinder

Tips for Purchasing an Antique Grinder

For just a display unit, you’ll most likely be picking based on design and verifying that the connecting component and spin handle are also in good working order. However, if you wish to get one back up and running, you need to do all the following:

  • The crank handle must rotate freely. There must be enough ‘play’ in the grinding mechanism, but not so much that it bends.
  • Try to ensure there is no rust exposed. If the rust is little, you may well be able to clean it all with a simple washing or sanding.
  • Properly check that the multi-bladed cutting head is always in excellent shape but also that the screw rectangular end, where everything attaches, is just not damaged.
  • At least two grinding blades, one coarse and one finer should always be present. Certain versions have extra plates, a crusher, or sausages accessories.
  • The lock collar which keeps the cutting plate in place might well be firmly secured by fingers.
  • The auger needs to be in an excellent state overall, without any missing components on the blades.
  • The crank handle must be in good shape or replaced with a handcrafted turned hardwood handle.
  • Check that the unit’s finger screw threading is always in good condition to ensure a secure installation on a flat and stable surface.

How to Use the Old Grinder after Buying?

How to Use the Old Grinder after Buying

After you get your new item home, disassemble it, and give it a proper washing with hot water and soap. Make sure that everything is completely clean and dry.

The procedure is easy and simple. Attach the auger, cutting head, and a grinding plate of preference to a strong table or counter, then tighten everything including the collar.

I recommend starting with the coarse (bigger holes) grinding plates and then going on to the finer (smaller holes) plate. It may even be essential to prepare the fish or meat a third time further for tenderizing them. 

Chop the meat or fish into pieces to make placement easier. If the antique grinder does not contain its basic stuffing tube, a large wooden spoon can be used to force the stuff particles.

Do not use your fingertips to force food down for safety concerns. With just a little care, your grinder should have been able to provide you long-term service years after years. 


Final Thought

More significantly, meat grinders allow you to save a significant amount of money by purchasing readymade minced meat or obtaining your minced beef from the butchers. This seems to be particularly true if you are one of the rare people who grind a significant amount of meat each year.

Aside from that, meat grinders are long-lasting, very easy to clean, and require little maintenance. Using a meat grinder would not create any problems as long as your meat remains completely frozen, as frozen foods avoid blockage.

As mentioned in the preceding part, many people purchase meat grinders for a variety of purposes. And then when we consider the benefits of buying meat grinders, we’ll see that this is beneficial.

Hopefully, you got a clear idea about How Much Is an Old Meat Grinder Worth and why or why you should buy such grinders for your kitchen.